OH MY. I went to Weta Cave & Workshop on Monday and it blew my mind!
Weta Workshop (in Wellington, NZ) are the incredibly talented people that created most of the props for films such as Lord Of The Rings, Avatar, King Kong, Tintin..
We got to have a tour around the workshop and see how they make these amazing props, and they showed us the materials that most of them were made out of which was surprising! Most of them are made out of just plastic or foam! Even Sauron’s armour was made out of a rubbery substance, so they had to look very carefully whilst editing to make sure that this wasn’t visible! It was to make production run much smoother, when they were filming for 10-15 hours a day. Nobody wants to be in very, very heavy armour for that amount of time!
IMG_1464 IMG_1455
These photos are from Weta Cave (which is the shop) as we weren’t allowed to take photos inside the workshop (probably for confidentiality reasons) but the shop props were still incredible too! And, for purchase!IMG_1475

Here are a few links to Weta Workshop, to see for yourself!
Home Site (where you can purchase some of their designs).
Weta Workshop website (where you can see a more in-depth description and photos).