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Stress can really take it’s toll on yourself and your body. Do you know how to manage stress properly?

Thrive is an app which can really help you to manage your stress. The app has different techniques which are pulled from CBT to really give you the most impact to combat stress.

What is so special about Thrive?

There are several exercises from:

Mood Tracking – you can track your mood every day and overtime, this will really personalise for you and recommend different activities to help you progress.

Thrive Mood Meter App Stress

Thought Training – These methods are used within CBT and it gets your brain to make amendments to the way you think. The Thought Trainer wants you to turn your negatives into a positive, to see brighter outcomes on a daily basis.

Progress – As you will input your thoughts on a daily basis, you will be able to track your progress as you go along and really see where you are growing.

Message in a Bottle – You can get positive and motivating messages from others that use the app. This is anonymous, so people will never know that you sent it. This is really great for boosting moral and creating positive vibes.

Calm Breathing – Here is one of my favourite go-to’s on Thrive. It is quick and simple to do, and it really does help! I do this on the bus, just before bed, on my break at work.. the possibilities are endless! You are presented with a bubble on the screen, which will inflate and deflate reflecting how you should be controlling the pace of your breathing.

Calm Breathing Thrive App

Zen Garden – This one is a really interesting one. The aim of this is to distract your thoughts and really take you away from any troubles or worries for a second. You are given an interactive kind of ‘sand pit’. Here, you can create your own designs, make them orderly or however satisfies your needs!

How do I feel about it?

I feel like Thrive has really helped me personally over the last few weeks. Especially with all of my deadlines, fitting in my work shifts around that and other errands. It’s been pretty hectic, but I know that I can always fall back on Thrive to tell me that I am in control. Stress can be managed if done properly and in Thrive, there are so many different features that you can try until you find the perfect one!

Thrive App Home Page

Do I have to pay for this?

Thrive has a subscription service, so you can have access to all areas on the app.

Yearly = £3.99 a month

Quarterly = £4.99 a month

Monthly = £5.99 a month

Thrive have kindly given me a code for you all, so you can try out the app for yourselves. CODE: FSFNOV302017

Where can I get the app?

You can download Thrive onto your iOS and android devices. You can also run this via your internet browser too, such as Safari, Google Chrome..

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