The most heavenly scents, right here..

I have seen these body mists everywhere on YouTube and blogs. These are from Victoria’s Secret and smell amazing – they have so many different scents, so there’s definitely a scent for everyone’s taste!
I went to Florida last summer and as usual, I always go into the Victoria’s Secret Outlet (they sell all of the normal priced fragrances too).

They have ridiculous prices on bras at the outlet, and underwear can be around 5 for $10!

How much were they?

Getting back to the point, I wanted these for a while and saw that they were 5 for $30, which at first I thought was a little  pricey but these have lasted me so long! Well these are only half full now and I have had them since the summer and I use them every single day.


So do you think I like them?

I cannot rave about how much I love these.

Where can I get these from?

You can find these on Fragrance Direct here. You can now find them in UK Victoria’s Secret stores too.

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