So, my cousin has written several novels and I have now decided to write a review on her first published book: The Rise Of The New Bloods: From Dark Beginnings.

This is a vampire novel, but not the standard cheesy, romantic stories that we have seen in the last few years. Her novel has an old-school vampire feeling to it, with a lot of references to rock bands, Dracula and classic movies.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, especially as Twilight and other vampire related stories are quite similar and corny! This one is a fresh new take, full of adventure and suspense.

The story is based around a character named Jyrki, who is a vampire. He has had to leave his hometown in order to protect the Ankh – which lets him live, whilst in contact with the sun. It is based in New York City, as he has had to travel there. He mission is to also find the prophecy, which will destroy creatures from the Underworld.

The creatures from the Underworld have destroyed most of his family, and if he doesn’t reach the prophecy, then the Underworld will turn all inhabitants of Earth into vampires, werewolves..

It is a really addictive read, you just want to carry on reading and reading. I highly recommend this book to a wide variety of readers, especially all ages!

There are sequels to this book, also. So if you find yourself enjoying this, then there’s a lot more to come!

You can purchase the book from Amazon Kindle for £1.29, which is a bargain for such great novel.

Or, you can also purchase the paperback from Amazon for £7.44.