I really, really, thoroughly enjoyed this book! I have heard so much about this and that it is going to be made into a film! I cannot wait!

This only took me about 3 evenings to read this, as I was HOOKED!
The storyline is basically about a man that has gone on a mission to Mars with his crew members. Whilst on Mars, there is a strong sandstorm and during this, an antenna flies at the main character and stabs him in the stomach, he then disappears in the sandstorm.
The crew thinks that he has died, and whilst they have to rush to get back to the space shuttle, they leave him behind.
So now, the main character is stranded on Mars.

Then it all unfolds from there! It is definitely, DEFINITELY a great book to read and I highly recommend it!
I think that this book is going to be a massive hit within the next year or so (as they are currently working on the film now – which one of my friends is helping with in London – COOL!).

Anyone read this and loved it as much as me?