The book cover for The Highland Falcon Thief on a blurred background. The cover has a red steam train on the front, with two of the characters holding onto the sides.

Title: The Highland Falcon Thief

Authors: M. G. Leonard and Sam Sedgman

Rating: 5/5

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What is the book about?

Harrison Beck is reluctantly joining his travel-writer Uncle Nat for the last journey of the royal train, The Highland Falcon. But as the train makes its way to Scotland, a priceless brooch goes missing, and things are suddenly a lot more interesting. As suspicions and accusations run high among the passengers, Harrison begins to investigate and uncovers a few surprises along the way. Can he solve the mystery of the jewel thief and catch the culprit before they reach the end of the line?

Hear whispers in the dining car, find notes in the library, and unknown passengers among the luggage as you help Harrison to solve the mystery aboard one of the world’s grandest trains. Fast-paced and packed with illustrations and clues, Adventures on Trains is a stop you won’t want to miss!


How I felt:

Wow, what a great book! I managed to get hold of this from my local library (please support your local libraries!) and I couldn’t put it down. I felt like the main character myself, as he doesn’t have too much of an interest in trains but once I started reading this, I definitely had grown a new interest! The Highland Falcon Thief is such a great age for readers of many ages.. think Murder On The Orient Express but in a fun and lighthearted take. A lot of adventure, mystery and great fun trying to guess who the thief was and I cannot wait to get stuck in to Kidnap On The California Comet too!

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