This was such a beautiful book! If you haven’t read this book, then you should – straight away!
It made me fill with so many different emotions throughout, I even cried at the end!

I thought that I would fly through the book as I usually do, but I did have to concentrate on characters names on times. A few chapters at a time, sort of book!

This book is set in Germany, during the Second World War. It is about a young girl that has practically had to move from her family. She really connects with her new father figure, and the story develops around their relationship and everyday events in her life. I won’t say anymore, mainly because it will spoil the story – if you want to know more, then definitely read the back of the book!

As somebody else has put it, it’s definitely a modern classic, which is having it’s own film that I am so, so excited about!

Definite recommendation!
5 out of 5!



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