Last week, on our way to Wellington we stopped to have a walk around Taranaki Falls, where we could see the famous ‘Mt Doom’ from Lord Of The Rings. This was incredible, as I am a fan of Lord of The Rings and of the snow at the time – we also got to see the waterfall (Taranaki Falls) where Gollum eats a fish out of the water in the movie.
The walk was so beautiful, very slippery and a little dangerous, but so so beautiful! It took 2 hours to walk there and back, and it was definitely worth it! Although, if you want to see more of this, you can do the Tongariro Crossing hike, that takes 7 hours to do and you go a lot closer to Mt Doom! 11745516_10153061119117362_5318211993117064850_n 11709559_10153061120287362_3989892762674154498_n
Here is the waterfall that I mentioned earlier on, I loved that it was so cold there that it was starting to form icicles underneath the waterfall and started to make a snowy foam as the water hit the bottom!11042685_10153061120437362_8422178168144324788_n
I would highly recommend doing this walk, if you are passing the area! There’s not too much more that I am going to say on this but feel free to ask me any questions! It was a place to take in the beauty of the New Zealand nature!11403417_10153061115257362_6777366561525724174_n
re you a big Lord Of The Rings fan? Would you like to visit Mt Doom?