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VLOGMAS: Winter Wonderland (Week One)

My first week of VLOGMAS is up on my YouTube Channel, for you all to see!
I have decided not to do daily vlogmas, as some of my days aren’t that interesting and I’m getting on with university work most of the time! So I’ve opted for the weekly!

I will be posting some beauty related videos soon, including favourites, tags and my MAC lipstick collection!
So have a visit, and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE AND THUMBS UP!

Thanks lovelies! x

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Our Christmas London Trip!

So, me and my friend Glen (Blog & YouTube) decided to go to London before the mad Christmas rush, for a day out! We thought we’d do a little bit of shopping and sightseeing, combined with filming my first vlog on my new camera! (Samsung MV900F). We got up ridiculously early to get a 5.30am train from …