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I need to stop pressuring myself

Forever wanting to do everything all at once? Not having enough hours in the day to do it? Not having enough arms? That’s me. If you are like me, you will be constantly tormenting yourself over not getting enough done, not knowing what I want as a career path or not feeling fully satisfied with …

The Movie Version by Emma Wunsch Book Review

Review: The Movie Version by Emma Wunsch

The Movie Version is a Young Adult novel which features some romance and goes onto discover the difficulties of dealing with Mental Health. Amelia is the main character in this book, herself and her brother have a huge passion for movies and get a kick out of sharing film quotes, trying to guess which films …


The rambles of my anxiety. #1

I have been meaning to start doing some posts on my Anxiety recently, as I have been suffering pretty bad with mine and at the time, I really want to write some posts on what it’s all about and why it is happening to me. My problem is just that my brain does not like …