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The New Zealand you didn’t know

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and it definitely did not disappoint when I visited last year. You think of New Zealand for it’s incredible scenery, but there’s so much more from black water rafting, hiking mountains seen in the movies, to skydiving about snowy mountains and a lot …


The Beginning of NZ: Auckland

I am finally in New Zealand! Wahoo! I flew to Auckland and here’s a quick post on my first few days here. There’s not too much in Auckland, but it is a really pretty place and has lots of coffee shops! Also, I found the best stamp ever, in Auckland.. HOW AMAZING!!! And yes, it’s much …

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Australia update!

I am now staying at Bondi Beach for the week whilst the others are at surf camp! We have been trying to look for apartments, sort out our Medicare and search for jobs. It hasn’t really seemed like we are actually in Australia, until we got to Bondi Beach. It hit me straight away, I …