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Amazon Kindle Deals – Mid May 2020

Yep, somehow we are already in the middle of May. You would think the time would go slowly during lockdown, but I personally feel like it is flying. So many of you really like these posts, so I thought I would do another one for you. Get that book binge buying rolling! This post contains …


Amazon Kindle Deals – Early May 2020

Quite a few of you seemed to enjoy the last post that I did like this, so I have hunted more books down. Yes, my ‘to be read’ is growing even more each week. In all fairness, I have read another three books since, so that makes it okay right? In this post I thought …

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What I bought in London

    Yet again, me and Glen went to London but this time it was for my birthday (although we went the day after). I knew that I wanted to get a few things, although I didn’t end up buying most of them but I found some good bargains in Boots and HMV!The shops, especially …