What have I been doing recently? I’ve disappeared for a while on the blogging front as I got so busy!
I have now finished work for good, got a new job which I’ll reveal after I’ve done it as it’s only for three weeks and now I’m just enjoying Sydney whilst I’m still here!

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We have had birthday parties in the park with speakers, food and lots of glitter.
Even more birthday parties, with lots of cake.
Group gatherings at work, which makes me miss the people that I worked with – going to miss them lots!
Found some really cool places with amazing food!
I went to Melbourne for two days for a job interview, got the job and had a browse around there too! (Blog post and video to come!)
And then this morning, me and Ceri went to watch the Six Nations at 7am – sadly Wales lost, but it was still a good shout and a lot of fun!

Have any of you been doing anything fun recently? Let me know!
Show me some photos, especially of your seasons as everyone seems to be having different weather everywhere recently!