The Movie Version by Emma Wunsch Book Review

The Movie Version is a Young Adult novel which features some romance and goes onto discover the difficulties of dealing with Mental Health.

Amelia is the main character in this book, herself and her brother have a huge passion for movies and get a kick out of sharing film quotes, trying to guess which films they are from and trying to fit them into their everyday life. Amelia imagines what her ‘Movie Version’ of her life would be like, but she discovers that her life takes a turn for the worst..

Amelia discovers that her brother has been seeming very distant and acting abnormally. She senses that he must still be bothering with drug use, which turns out that it’s not the case.. *no spoilers*!

Her life is moving on perfectly as she is doing great at school, has found herself a city-slicker boyfriend who she adores and gets on with her family well. Until her brother is diagnosed with something that will change all of their lives forever..

This story is full of the ups and downs, the challenges that they go through, how to push through them and learning that you can still move forward through tough times.

I believe that this story is a great sense to raise awareness of mental health issues. It could be a story that people can relate to.

The only downside that I found with this book, is the main character Amelia. I found that although it’s understandable that she’s struggling through the tough times, she seems very self-centred about certain things within the book.
Personally, I just wish that she would speak to people more often about her issues and not keep everything to herself. Possibly readers will pick up on this and see that it is important to reach out and address issues with others.

Overall, after a slow start I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Movie Version and look forward to more of Emma Wunsch’s books!

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