The Gift of Christmas Kelly Matthews Book Review

*  I have received a copy of this book in exchange of an honest review *

Title: The Gift of Christmas

Author: Kelly Matthews

Purchase: You can purchase this from Amazon UK

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Great For: People that love romance, magic, fast paced reads

Themes: Festivities, Holidays, Magic, Romance


Who doesn’t love a Christmas novel, am I right? I am definitely all for sneaking in a cheeky festive read before the holidays even kick in. So I thought ‘What better opportunity to share this book with you all, before the festive season?’ Better earlier than too late!

The story is about a woman called Lisa, who is from London in the United Kingdom. She has inherited a farm from her grandfather which is in New York, so she heads off to America to start her new life with a brand new job. I got jealous just reading this haha!

With all of the great changes happening to Lisa, she feels like there is one thing missing in her life.

She settles into New York in her new home, whilst she starts to notice weird events happening. Luckily, she doesn’t let these phase her and carries on with the craziness of New York life. But will everything come around and sort itself out for her?

I would highly recommend reading The Gift of Christmas! It was a really great festive read, that I couldn’t put down! It was also fast paced and kept you on your toes wanting to know more and more!


You can purchase this in Kindle format from Amazon UK

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