Oh, Desperate Housewives..
I had started this series years and years ago, but I never got around to finishing it! I would end up missing an episode on tv, then forgetting to catch up, over and over!
So I got down to it after all my university work was handed in and I restarted everything – and here I am, finally finished!

So many people love this series, and I would definitely recommend it! It’s a series full of love, hook ups, drama, murders, crimes – the lot!
I would say that the first few series and the one before last are the best! I can’t really say much though, incase I spoil it for others, sadly!

Not forgetting the men, there are quite a few lookers in this series too 😉

If you have already seen this, who is your favourite housewife?
I think mine might be Bree or Gabrielle, but I do love Lynette as well – so, not much of a decision made, there!