Canyon Swing Queenstown New Zealand

Whilst I was in Queenstown, I decided to do the Shotover Canyon Swing with a few of my friends from the Kiwi Experience bus!
We decided to do two jumps, as it works out that one jump is around $180 and two jumps is $210 – so why not?
Firstly, me and my friend Mandy did it together but we just jumped off attached to each other which was SO SCARY!

The second time, I went by myself and decided to slide down a slide, off the edge and straight through the Canyon – which was less scary, but too much fun!
This Shot-Over Canyon is suppose to be one of the highest, it will show you the other stats in the video which is HERE.

Here are a few of the photos they took:
IMG_2036   Swing 11 - Photo 29 Swing 11 - Photo 39
Yeah, it was pretty high…
1430 Swing 11.Still004

Shotover Canyon Swing: HERE