‘Please Me’ Lipstick by MAC



Here is my little review on the ‘Please Me’ lipstick by MAC. This lipstick is a matte finish and I think it’s pretty perfect for an everyday colour!
I got this when I was in Florida as there’s a good exchange rate, after I have had three different shades to battle against for a decision for months! I am glad that I purchased this one, it’s definitely a shade for me!


Although it is a matte lipstick, I don’t find it too drying, unless I am having a period of dry lips in general – but this won’t feel dry until at least an hour after!

I feel that you could easily get away with this lipstick if you are still attending school/college, as it is very wearable. You could even wear it with a natural face, or even pair it with a smokey eye to even out the face.


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