Pretty Gifted Wrapping Paper

Want to wrap that extra special present in personalised wrapping paper? Well, Pretty Gifted have got the tools for you and it is beautiful!

Started your Christmas shopping yet? 🎅🏻 Pretty Gifted’s Personalised Wrapping Paper will get you straight in the mood to!

If you’re like me and have become super organised and picked up a few presents. Then why not think of adding a personal touch to your gift wrap this year? 🎁

Pretty Gifted (@prettygiftedworld) have come up with a ‘Design your own gift wrap’ where you can select what colour paper, foil, what you want written on there and which icon you would like. You can also order larger sheets for all your wrapping needs!

Go and check them out at, every order comes with a gift tag and either silver or gold gel pen too!

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