I was waiting around in Sydney, trying not to spend money when I could’ve paid for a cheaper hostel elsewhere and seen a few more things. So, I decided to hop my butt to the Gold Coast before I head off to Melbourne to work temporarily!
I have had a few good first days here so far, although the weather is now starting to brew pretty nastily here!
IMG_9077 IMG_9081

I went to Movieworld and Wet N Wild yesterday, which was a lot of fun! They had some really cool rides, especially the Superman one – I would highly, highly recommend going on this ride! Sadly, I didn’t get to ride Arkham Asylum though as it was down for maintenance, but I still had an amazing time!

IMG_9088 IMG_9090 IMG_9097 IMG_9099

It was pouring down with rain when I got to Wet n Wild, but we thought ‘Hey, whatever. It’s a water park, we’re going to get soaking anyway’. Although it was freezing cold in the wind sometimes, we had a lot of fun and got on so many of the water slides, as most of the people had gone home because of the storm!
I haven’t been to a proper water park since I was about 7, and have never been obsessed with them. This time though, I did enjoy! Although I’m a little weary about swimming without goggles (goggles and bikini, isn’t a very sexy look..) these days, and my swimming skills (which were one incredible) have gone pretty down hill! Haha!
I still had a lot of fun on the slides though, especially one called Blackhole – you have a two person rubber dingy and you go through a pitch black tunnel which throws you around the bends! A lot of fun!

So, today I went to Seaworld and yet again, we had really bad weather as there’s a cyclone suppose to be coming. But it was still a lot of fun and we got to see a lot of shows – we just didn’t get to go on any of the rides due to the weather!
I’m not too saddened by this though, as I have a Holiday pass so I can return to the parks as many times as I like, for the next 21 days – so if I visit them again, I can get some more photos for my blog!

I am not too sure what is going to go on for the next few days because of the weather, but I will most probably try to catch up on blogging, youtube videos and just general relaxing with some tv series and books!

I will speak to you all soon, and you will see a lot more blog posts this week hopefully!
Take care and I hope you have a great weekend!