So, you don’t get too much from the trailer that I saw, but I was so intrigued by it that I immediately had to see this film! It might be because I’m slightly obsessed with anything space related, but still I went!

I wasn’t really sure what was going to be featured in this film, if it was a disaster movie, a film like Alien or whatever. No aliens, but I absolutely loved this film! Although the only scenes you saw were mainly in space (and I’m not going to ruin the end of the film), but it was so engulfing.


The only thing that irritated me slightly in this film was that anything Sandra Bullock had to do, she would do it wrong and cause a mini disaster. It’s like ‘C’mon woman, just grab something! Don’t click that button! Don’t jump out of the spacecraft!’.

I would definitely see this film again, and I cannot wait for it to come out on dvd!

Did any of you enjoy this film? Any ups or downs? Did Sandra irritate you slightly?

The dog part was a little random though, right?

TOO GOOD – 5/5!