What is Pityriasis Rosea? How do you get it?

Well, I noticed a large red itchy patch on my skin, the day that I was leaving for Florida. Apparently this is the ‘mother’ patch of Pityriasis before the smaller ones appear. But on my last few days there, I started to develop a scabby, itchy rash all over my body. It started spreading from my arms, to my stomach, onto my back and then finally a few moved onto my legs.

Here is a few photos of when it first started to break out all over my body. After this, it started to dry out, appear darker and grow a lot more of them. I didn’t take any later photos as I completely forgot and it wasn’t too sightly either.


I went to the doctors on the day that I got back from holiday. My doctor was pretty unsure at first and thought that it might have been my Psoriasis having an attack. I told him that I have had psoriasis all of my life, so he started looking more into other solutions. He came across Pityriasis Rosea and it seemed to match it perfectly.

Finally getting onto what it actually is..

It turns out that Pityriasis Rosea is a form of skin infection that appears on the skin (mainly all over the body, but avoiding the face, hands and feet). There is no known reason to why it happens, and there is no remedy either. It will cure itself over time, but as I have read, it can take from 6-16 weeks to heal completely.

I thought that I would write this post as I have never even heard of this condition before and thought that I would share my experience with readers. This condition isn’t contagious and it doesn’t cause any harm to your health – just think of it as a severe rash, which can be very itchy (as mine was).

How do people reduce this?

I went to Twitter and Google to do some research on how people try to reduce the itching and swelling of the rash. I discovered that a lot of people have gotten this before! Some people have had it several times, although it is very rare that you will get it more than once in a lifetime. So I was on forums trying to find some ideas, and I found a lot of comments saying that showering in Head & Shoulders. This will help reduce the rash and the dryness, as it obviously treats dandruff from the scalp. I also used E45 Itch Relief CreamΒ twice a day, whilst showering in Head & Shoulders every single day. I feel that this has made my skin heal so much faster!
I can happily say that the marks rapidly reduced and calmed down on my body.

How did I feel?

Although people could possibly think of this as a severe rash, it really brought my mood down about my appearance. Baring in mind, I was covered from my neck to my legs in dark red, itchy patches. This made me want to cover up and not show anybody, but I have gotten use to it and hey, they say that the sun can help fasten healing!

Did mine heal?

Yes, after using the products I mentioned above my patches did disappear. It cleared up within a few weeks and my skin was back to normal.

Has mine returned?

No. Not yet, and it has been six years since I initially wrote this post.

I will be approving comments for others to see, but I will not be replying for the foreseeable future.

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