Technically, this first one wasn’t after christmas – as I chose these for my christmas present but I still had to show you them!
I visited a designer outlet near home which had a store called Sunglass Hut. They carry loads of different brands from Tiffany & Co, Prada, Oakley and Ray Ban. They had a really good offer on any pairs of sunglasses that were under £119.00. If you picked a pair under that amount, you were able to get two pairs of sunglasses for £90 instead! BARGAIN!
What made it even better was that I found this pair of Ray Ban’s too, which I love! So we purchased these for me, and my brother had the second pair 🙂


I then went back to that designer outlet on Boxing Day with my brother and his girlfriend, to pick up our Ray Ban cases (as they didn’t have any left at the time) and to visit the new Yankee Candle store (we made purchases for my mother in there) – they still didn’t. but they had another sale on. The sunglasses on sale this time are brand new, but they had minor faults to them such as a arm was loose (you can tighten them yourself) or had misprints. Most of these were unnoticeable and we couldn’t see faults. I found a classic pair of Wayfarer’s in the sale, reduced from £143.00, to £42.90 – I couldn’t resist it, I’d never find another pair of Wayfarer’s for that price!

I also went into town to see if there was anything interesting in the sales, although I didn’t need anything. I got bought underwear from the Rosie Huntington-Whiteley collection for Marks & Spencer, for christmas. I thought I’d have a quick browse to see if they could possibly be reduced, although I doubted it. But as I was on the escalator, I could see a ‘50% off’ sign above them! So yet again, I couldn’t resist! It turned out to be £12.50-£16.00 for a bra, which was amazing! So I had to stock up on most of the colours that fitted me!


I also went into Zara, just for a browse. I have never bought anything from there, but I always go into have a look! I found this denim jacket – I have wanted a new one for quite a while now, as my other one is cropped, but this was perfect and reduced from £39.99 to £24.99! I’ll be wearing this with dresses, thick tights and boots!


The last two items that I have purchased weren’t in the sale, but I really wanted them. I ventured to Topshop (that’s right, me, in Topshop.. something that I never do) and I spotted their Moto High Waisted Denim Shorts which I have been looking for a decent pair (that keep your ass cheeks in) for ages! The price wasn’t scary either, compared to ASOS’ £40 Levi shorts. These were only £28 and they’re perfect!
As I was walking to the till, half in a day dream – I walked past a stand and immediately walked back to it (people must’ve thought I was mental) then I found this white and navy, striped, cropped tshirt! I wasn’t too fond on the fact that it was cropped, but I thought that I could pair it with the high waisted shorts – and I’m a sucker for nautical stripes!


So that’s all I have bought so far, from the ‘sales’ – now my card is feeling a slight burn, but it’s my birthday on the 2nd of January, so I will be visiting London for the day (or two, possibly).