An update on what has been going on since my last post!
So basically I eventually managed to get out of that farm, after asking them about 3 times to leave and they just kept wriggling their way out of it.
She did flip out on me and have a good shout, but she nicely took me to the train station the next morning.
I have had so much stress even after it now, luckily I’m starting to chill out again though!

Anyway, now that I am not at a farm, I am not too sure on what to do next.
I would get another job, start saving again but it’s not too easy at the moment (I’ll explain at another time) but I am also thinking of doing some travelling whilst I am here.
I am not sure if I want my second year visa any more, I would like it to be there as an option, but this last farm has really put me off going anywhere else for the time being!

So, I think that I am going to try do a little bit of travelling and then I will get a job when the time is a lot better. I want to make the most of my australian experience whilst I am here now!

I also realised that I have uploaded my newer short videos since Byron Bay – so I am going to do that tonight for you all! 😀
Look out for them tomorrow, I will probably post a link to it via my blog anyway.

I want to thank everybody that supported me and gave me some really good advice whilst I was dealing with that last situation. I really appreciate it, especially when you’re on the other side of the world with nobody else around – it means the world to me, to have people supporting me!

Take care of yourselves