So, I saw the trailer to the film adaptation of this book and I thought that I would give the book a read, as it looked pretty funny and interesting at the same time (and being sad, of course).

I picked this book up last night on Amazon, turns out I’ve finished it this morning! I was hooked onto the story line, it was a nice quick read following the lives of a young boy in high school.

He hasn’t been friends properly with this girl for years, but since he found out that she has leukaemia, he has made the effort and time to comfort her and keep her company. The story develops into film making, high school hierarchy and several other issues.

I wasn’t blown away by this book, but I thought that it was a really nice book to quickly read. I will definitely go to see the film adaptation, as I want to see how they will achieve this in film.

Have any of you read this? I’ve heard that there’s quite a bit of hype around this, at the moment.