Madame Movara's Tales of Terror Book Review

Do you enjoy horror stories? Or short tales? Well, Madame Movara’s Tales of Terror has the perfect combination for you!

My very talented cousin, K.A Hambly who is an author has brought together several different writers to compile this book of short horror stories. The book is called Madame Movara’s Tales of Terror and the money made from this book will get donated to a charity. There is also a foreword written by Caroline Munro, who has previously been in several horror films and was an actual Bond Girl in The Spy Who Loved Me (how amazing is that, right?!)

I am not usually a huge horror fan when it comes to films, but when it comes to reading I quite enjoy them! I get so intrigued and feel like I’m really in the situation and this is what I felt whilst reading this book too!

My cousin wrote a short story in this book also, which I really loved. It is all about a young girl who lives with her mother after the war. She lives opposite an old house that hasn’t been able to sell in many, many years. There are rumours that the house is haunted and when she goes over there to explore, she really finds out the truth for herself..

This is a great short story of many in this book which will keep you hooked and wanting to read more! I personally loved the post-war theme and was really intrigued by what she discovered inside the house – I wish this was a full novel now!

I would highly recommend checking this book out if you’re a fan of horror, chilling stories or even just short stories to keep you ticking. Also, I will mention again that the proceeds of this book are all donated to an International Child’s Charity.

Want to check out K A Hambly’s other books, check out her Amazon account here!

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