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MAC So Chaud Lipstick Review


It was my birthday on Saturday and I decided to treat myself to a new MAC Lipstick. I went for So Chaud, as I have reds, oranges but not both combined. I always go for Rebel and Plumful on a daily basis, so I need to find my next favourite bright pop of colour!
I am loving So Chaud so far! I put it on today, it’s not too orangey, not too red either. It is a great, fun colour and especially for my skin tone, even if I’m not feeling like myself, I can whack this on and my mood is instantly lifted!

It is a matte finish, it feels slightly matte but a little bit of lip balm will sort it out a treat! I feel like it is definitely not as drying as Diva or Viva Glam V!

You do have to reapply after eating, so I am probably going to look into a lip liner either the same colour as this or a slight off colour that I can use with several and give a ombre effect!

Overall, a great colour, great addition to my ‘collection’ and a wise choice all in all!
What is your favourite MAC Lipstick of all time? Mine is definitely Rebel!


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