Recently, I feel like people should stop taking life too seriously, and laugh more.
I love laughing, letting go and being myself. I don’t care that some people might thing I’m mad, because I don’t like to be boring and reserved, I like to joke around and have fun by letting my hair down!
I have been trying to stop taking things so seriously, and now I don’t even think of some small things!

Tripped over something whilst walking? Feel embarrassed? You aren’t going to die from it and everyone does it, so what the hell! Carry on, and have a laugh!

Someone doesn’t want to be your friend, as you seem a little too energetic and upbeat? Hey, there’s plenty more people that will be friends with you because they love you, for who you are!

This is what I feel about my life.
If I want to do impressions, sing like an idiot and cry with laughter with my friends – that is what I am going to do!

A little random, I know but this is what I have been thinking about recently.
Be happy.