I don’t know about you, but I was always brought up to be very polite and respect others.

Have you ever thought about how the older generation feel deep down and how you can make an impact on them?

One thing I REALLY hate is when people look down on elderly people, don’t respect them or take the p*ss out of them. You think about it, that is going to be you one day. Would you like it if you were intimidated, scared or laughed at by the younger generation? How would you feel?

You might think that they are ‘smaller, weaker and more frail’ than you but they have some of the biggest personalities and are full of experience..
I personally find elderly people to be some of the most interesting people I have ever met. They are full of experiences and so so so many stories that inspire me. I could talk to them for hours about their lifestyles, past careers, past relationships.. They are so full of knowledge, have most probably done so much more than you in your life time, might have served in a war, might have made a huge contribution to the way you live your life..

Hairy Bikers

I saw a programme on BBC with the Hairy Bikers last year, where they pair up high school students with an elderly person to give them company and to share their values and experiences to possibly become friends. It was such an amazing programme, but it also let you know about the struggles and worries that they go through as well, such as feeling lonely as family either do not visit or they have no family. They also tell you about feeling threatened or intimidated by youths within their community and would rather stay in their homes. It is such an upsetting thought for me to take in and wish I could help every single one of them with my company.

My Family

When I was younger, I would talk to my Grandfather for hours on end and I was fascinated with World War II, so he would tell me all about his experience within the navy. He was such an inspirational man and I would love to still have him around to share more memories with. Unfortunately I never got to meet my Grandmother from that side of the family as she became ill at a young age.

For my other side of the family, I do know them but they have never really made the effort with me and my brother which is a shame as we could’ve made memories along the same lines as with my other half of the family.

I would really love to have grandparents still here that I am really close with, I always envy people that still have a full family around and am completely in awe!

In Public

I have seen people in public, mainly the younger generation that if an elderly person starts speaking to them they will laugh with their friends and make a gesture as if they are weird. This kills me inside, have some respect for others. They might be feeling so lonely and this is their only opportunity to speak to people for the whole day or even week, by going outdoors and meeting others.

I am loving the last few years of Christmas adverts where it shows awareness of people feeling lonely celebrating Christmas by themselves, as much as it breaks my heart.

I have met some of the most incredible and adorable customers whilst at work. Whether that was when I was working at ASDA, GAME, anywhere..
I have even had customers become a regular as they really appreciate somebody having a conversation with them. I use to have a regular gentleman that would come into ASDA mainly on a Saturday to get a few bits and bobs. He was a petite and quite frail gentleman but had so much life in his eyes and really just wanted somebody to talk to. I would talk to him, joke about ‘Coming in for you weekly trifle again?’ and walk around the store with him picking up bits for him.

Sometimes people just need a chat to make their day complete.

I would really like to know if there are any volunteering opportunities around my area. Where you can somehow share your conversations and company with others that need someone to talk to. I will get into my research, but if you know of any then please, please let me know down below.

So here is where I cut the rambling and let you guys to the talking!
What are your opinions on this? Or your pet peeves? What REALLY annoys you whilst out in public? Let me know!

Also, a huge thank you to FashionWorked for inspiring this post, go check the blog out!

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