We stopped at Lake Mahinapua for the night, which was one of the most beautiful places I have seen in New Zealand – although, there are quite a lot, so it’s definitely in the top 5!
But we stayed at Lake Mahinapua Hotel which was a really cute place which had piglets and a massive pig that you could feed, a puppy and a kitten! They also cooked us an amazing roast dinner and pancakes for breakfast, I felt like I was in heaven haha! It’s not very often that we get people cooking for us, or even a half decent meal whilst travelling!

We went for a walk to the lake and it was so beautiful there! A lot of the boys, mainly the Dutch boys were jumping into the lake from the pier – it looked freezing..
We took some incredible photographs and the mountains looked stunning when the sun was setting!
I also decided to try and take a photo of the moon with my camera, for some random reason and I was pleasantly surprised!
DSC03495DSC03500DSC03592 (1)
I have also added some photos of the glaciers, when we were leaving Lake Mahinapua and on our way to Franz Josef – it was too beautiful at Lake Matheson too! (I will insert some photos here, too). I also tried some L&P here too (famous lemonade made in New Zealand!).
DSC03621 (1)
Instead of rambling on, I am just going to post the photos here and you can see how stunning it was there.

Where is the most beautiful place you have been to?