KS Outrun Wireless Earphones

Looking for some Bluetooth Earphones that are suitable for running or just casual use?
I received these Bluetooth Earphones for christmas by KSOutrun and they are really good!
They are super handy with my Apple Watch and are hardly noticeable when you are wearing them.

They are simply, this lead. That is all that’s to them which is so great – put them in, around your neck, turn them on and pair and off you go! Simple!

I believe that these Bluetooth Earphones have been featured on the Gadget Show too and had some high reviews on them – they are easy to use, very lightweight and come with multiple ear pieces to customise them to your own likings!

You simply charge them with the small USB cable provided and that is it. Easy peasy.
The sound quality is great on these, I have had no problems although at first I thought that they weren’t going to agree with my ears and constantly fall out but since I changed the ear pieces around for a while, I found the perfect match for me and now they are on point!


Quick little ‘review’ but I thought that I would just throw this out there for you guys simply. If you have any questions on these, feel free to comment below and I will get to replying as soon as possible!

You can find these on Amazon HERE

Have a great week!