I finally got around to watching Kick Ass 2 last night! I am a big fan of the graphic novels and wanted to see this film on the day it came out, unfortunately most of my friends aren’t into the same genre of films as me, so it didn’t happen until now!

It’s hard to create a successful and exciting sequel, that lives up to the first film. I think that Kick Ass 2 was a good second film to the series, especially the introduction of new characters – portrayed just as I imagined them.

The one big flop about Kick Ass 2, was that weird Union J moment – what was going on with that? Sponsored, yes? I just got forced to watch their music video. Traumatised.

Other than that, I really enjoyed this film – although I much preferred the first movie, mainly down to the plot and origins. 

Does anyone else feel strange about seeing Chloe Moretz growing up?