So, what have I been doing recently?
Not a lot, but a lot at the same time..

I moved into an apartment, started to feel lonely and drama happened with the flat mates so I moved back out after two weeks.
So now I am back at my favourite hostel, which I love!

I have got a full time job at H&M which won’t start until Friday – I’m so excited! I can’t wait to meet everyone and start earning some money!

I have met up with my friend James and he has introduced me to all of his friends, so I’m not feeling lonely anymore! I’m feeling like my normal happy self again! 😀
They are really nice and we’ve been going on nights out and just chilling in the parks!

So right now I’m just going to chill out and catch up on stuff as I haven’t had proper internet in about 2 weeks! Hence the slow blog posting!

I only have a few photos for you this week, although these are from the previous week! These were from Macquarie’s Chair and down around the Opera House.

Hope you’re all having an amazing week!