I finally got my photo!
I bought my photo on CD after I did the Bridgeclimb on Sydney’s Harbour Bridge but when I got back, I realised that my Macbook didn’t have a CD Drive anymore – so I had to send it home with a bunch of other things by sea meal, hence why it took 3 months to get there! GAH!

But, here it is! I was absolutely roasting at the time – so hot up there!
If you want to do the Bridgeclimb, then the link is HERE.
It is quite pricey, but it is definitely worth doing the once! They do day times (the cheapest) and also, in the night/sunset.
They also do a half Bridgeclimb, which you climb the inner arch, which is around half the price too!
As you climb the bridge, your guide gives you a lot of information on the bridge, it’s history and the surroundings – and if you get the right one, then they can be really humorous too!

Have any of you done this?  Or anything similar in a different place?