I read The Book Thief by Markus Zusak a few years ago, and I absolutely loved it! I fell in love with that book and it flew straight into my ‘Top’ books of all time. So when I saw that Markus Zusak had another book, I jumped straight to it!
I bought this for my friend for christmas, as we were doing a Secret Santa Book Edition and she really liked it. So I gave it a go..

Just to note, that it is nothing like The Book Thief. It is set in the present era and is a book about following the clues.
Basically the main character witnesses a bank robbery and tries to stop the robber at the end of the scene. The robber is arrested and everything turns back to normal. One day, the main character receives a playing card with a list of three random addresses on. It turns out that somebody has sent this to him, and expects him to correct what’s going wrong there.
Throughout the book, he tries to complete these ‘missions’ and learns a lot about himself. He then has to complete another 3/4 cards.

That’s all I will say about it for now! But it is quite gripping, you want to keep going and know what is going to happen to him! I personally really liked this book and cannot wait for him to start writing more books!