It seems like ages since I left the uk, after all of the flying that I’ve done!
I got to Sydney on Monday morning and I fell in love with it instantly!

So far, we’ve had our introduction talk yesterday and had help with setting up our bank accounts, SIM cards and they explained about how to get our tax back at the end of the year!

We are now starting to settle down a bit more, so tomorrow we are going to do a few more tourist-y things like Taronga or Wildlife Zoo!
We are also going to see the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House properly tomorrow, as we have only seen it from a distance!

We have discovered that Sydney is so expensive to live in, as the food is well expensive! Two apples were $2.90 and a bunch of bananas were around the $4.50 mark!





I will be posting more photos throughout the week, whenever I have internet! I will be doing my Barista, RSA and Hygiene courses within the next week – so don’t expect too many posts!