Heroine by MAC Lipstick Review


It is completely different to most of my other MAC lipsticks (although, I have chosen quite a range) but this is just so different!
It took me ages to research Heroine and Violetta, but when it came down to it, my flatmate was in New York and was picking me up one. In the end, they only had Heroine available although they’re very similar – but I was so glad to have this as it is perfect!

I think that this could suit quite a few different skin tones, although some days I simply cannot pull this off! It has to be the right moment, right outfit sort of day!
I would say, if you are looking for a new lipstick shade that is completely different to your others and you want to change it up a bit – then, HEROINE! Definitely!
It is a Matte finish, but it does not feel drying at all and it is pretty long lasting! It can leave a stain too, so you won’t get that horrible outer colour after you’ve eaten/had a drink.

Do any of you have this shade or similar? What are you favourite MAC lipsticks?!


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