So, I have decided to treat myself to a new compact camera, which has 1080p HD Video. I have wanted to start making YouTube videos for a while, as I feel that I can show my personality a lot more compared to blogging! (I am also rather awful at writing..)


Here is my new camera, the Samsung MV900F – I thought that I could use this for YouTube, but I could also use it for my upcoming trips such as London shopping and Tokyo in February.


I decided to go for this camera, mainly for it’s handy flip screen and hd video. I was going to purchase a Canon, but when I went to order one, it said that I had to collect it from the other side of the UK.. So I thought, yeaaah, maybe not.


I have seen a lot of reviews of this camera and it has looked really impressive! So far I am impressed with it, although I haven’t tried it outdoors yet! It’s really thin and light, so it’s great for travelling and inside small bags! It also comes with a handy wrist strap.

I will eventually post some videos to YouTube when the weather is better (and when I actually go outside and do something interesting!)

I was going to film today, as I went to the Halloween Tattoo Convention, but it was a really small and narrow venue – so it wasn’t really practical, gutted!

I will be filming with this on the weekend as I will be in London for the day, with Glen. We’re going to London to do some shopping, mainly to possibly spoil ourselves but also a little bit of christmas shopping too! And, after our last university deadline – we need this!

I will also be heading into town (possibly tomorrow), for a browse in Primark and to search for a burgundy beanie hat! So if I have purchased quite a few things, then I will do a short haul post or video. Obviously, I will be doing London Vlogs and a haul video for you all!

Needing to catch up on blogging! – Ciao! x