I’m currently on the farm that I’m working at for the next 3 months, and I have tried and tried but I just want to leave.
I don’t mind the work, that’s all fine. But I feel that I am not comfortable here, as the people are nice but they can snap often and I have hardly any time to myself.
Obviously people like to have their things their own way, and of course are entitled to that. But I’m new, and I’m trying to learn all of these things but I don’t seem to be getting out of the ‘too scared to do anything’ phase.

Tonight, I am going to ask to leave and I hope that they do not flip out on me.
I really don’t want to offend them, as it’s such a lovely place and they have been friendly but I just cannot see myself getting comfortable here, at all.

I wish all of you guys were here 🙁