Gingersnap Neon Heart Lamp

Looking for some love in your life? I have certainly fallen in love with this gorgeous neon lamp from Gingersnap

*I have been gifted this gorgeous neon heart lamp from Gingersnap in order of an honest review. All opinions are of my own*

Well, I am someone who is all for those cosy nights in with a good book or TV series. And what is better than setting the mood too? This gorgeous Neon Heart lamp from Gingersnap is the perfect pop of colour for a room, but it is still a simple touch at the same time. So if you are stuck for gift ideas for Valentines Day, then this could be a really great option to spread the love! Celebrating Valentine’s Day by yourself? Then treat yourself with this feature piece!

This lamp is so easy to assemble, simply place the neon tubing into the stand, plug the cable into the stand and tada! You now have incredible mood lighting for any room (and it is very lightweight and portable).

Where can I purchase this lamp?

You can purchase this lamp from the Gingersnap website ( They also have different designs over on their website here, like a cactus, flamingo, star..

Gingersnap Neon Heart Lamp with Snow White Witch Funko Pop Figure

What do I think about this?

I absolutely love this lamp, even more than I had imagined and I get a lot of questions about it on my social media channels! Well, now you know where to find it! It really makes a huge difference to my living room and I haven’t stopped using it since I received this!

Where can I find Gingersnap?

If you want to follow Gingersnap on social media, then here are the links: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

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