G Adventures Trip: Part Two (The Whitsundays)

Wahoo! Here’s the second part of my G Adventures Trip, The Whitsundays! The Whitsundays was so much fun, it could be one of my favourite…

Wahoo! Here’s the second part of my G Adventures Trip, The Whitsundays!
The Whitsundays was so much fun, it could be one of my favourite times from the trip, possibly..
So, before we headed off to The Whitsundays, we had a 4 hour train journey which was actually really enjoyable with films, great customer service and food. Then, we stopped at a Cattle Ranch in Rockhampton to sleep under the stars in a swag. I had a slight idea of what we were going to be sleeping like, but I have no idea what the cattle ranch would be like!
It was really cute, very remote and give us a completely new experience and we had a blast there!
We immediately got served this amazing beef stew and some ‘beer bread’ and then got stuck into some campfire games that our guide knew – we ended up playing for hours in the end!
Finally, we got our swags and sleeping bags out and all slept around the campfire, looking at the stars until we fell asleep. Luckily, it was a lot warmer than at the Outback when I slept in a swag!!DSC02754 IMG_0850
Anyway, the next day we got up bright and early, saw the sunrise over the ranch and went to feed lots of animals on their farm, which was on another property. It was so much fun, I am a huge lover of animals and definitely got stuck in there by feeding every single animal a massive wad of bread! Pesky had to be one of the cutest animals too, as he was a pig that thought he was a dog! He was constantly chasing the dog around trying to tackle him, kept playing and shaking his head into my scarf and even rolled over for a belly rub!
We arrived at Mackay, where we were suggested to find a costume as we were going to have a party on the boat, so we all did that whilst rummaging around for food before the boat, which was Boomerang (a well known, competitive sail boat). We got to stay in these really cute cabins with everyone, too! (and it was pretty relaxing, falling asleep whilst being rocked!).
As we got on the boat, we sailed for 4 hours until we docked in the Whitsundays, luckily nobody was sea sick!
The next morning, we were up bright and early, had some amazing breakfast and were off to see Whitehaven Beach which has the most gorgeous ‘swirly sands‘. It was pretty chilly on the beach because of the wind, but we all still burnt our legs as we underestimated the sun rays! Damn it!
After this, we got the chance to go Scuba Diving in the Whitsundays, which was amazing! Although, I must say I had such a panic attack for the first 15 minutes of it, due to the thought of having to breathe through the oxygen tank! Other than that, it was such an amazing experience and I would love to do it again – we got to touch the coral and see so many different colourful fish but sadly we couldn’t take our cameras as we weren’t qualified divers.
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We then headed back to the boat to have our costume party, which was so much fun! We docked again, had the music blasting and a mini food fight with the other boats (although the seagulls ate 80% of it, mid air).
10421320_10153022504482362_3417535659564540472_n 11059648_10153022505527362_6214156466069674170_n 11205530_10153022508597362_1516574419694338852_n
We got up the next morning to go snorkelling, before having to head to Airlie Beach where we’ll finish the Whitsundays trip. Snorkelling was great though, we loved every minute of it although we were a little cold, but the sites we saw were breathtaking! SO MUCH FUN!
11207363_10153022640692362_3687795415486314575_n 11659264_10153022624537362_1942645157757578457_n
That quickly sums up our Whitsundays trip, before we started heading to Cairns – but feel free to ask me more, if you want some more information on anything, I am more than happy to answer any questions!
Look out for my next post on Cairns! It’ll be a short one!

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