I absolutely loved this book, it was full of Star Wars puns, lovely illustrations and a lot of humour for Star Wars fans! I would highly recommend this product to any Star Wars fans, a great little christmas gift!

A quick little explanation of the book: It’s a small book, filled with illustrations that literally have about 5 words in each speech bubble on them. So it’s a very, very quick read but it’s more of one of those ‘quirky books you get as a christmas gift for a friend’ book. It is really funny, although I’m not usually a massive fan of all of those small quirky books which are pretty expensive but over in about 5 minutes, I actually really loved this one!

There turns out to be four sequels and a few other books, now that I have found the links! So I’ll post them below, can’t wait to check them out 🙂

Amazon (Hardcover £7.49, Kindle Edition: £1.52)
Darth Vader and Son Postcards: Amazon (£7.99)
Vader’s Little Princess: Amazon (Hardcover £7.99, Kindle Edition £5.69)
Goodnight Darth Vader: Amazon
Darth Vader and Friends: Amazon