I was in Boots looking for a new brow kit/brow pencil that was going to live up to the Soap & Glory ‘Archery’ but for a smaller price! I saw this as I passed the Collection station with a massive £2.99 offer sign, so I thought that I would give it a go!SAM_0150
You can only get the one kit, which covers a range of shades. It comes with a clear mascara (brow gel) and one of those standard brow brushes! (as you can see, the inside of the set gets a bit grubby even on it’s own!).SAM_0151
Although I thought that the shadows were really crumbly and chalky, I actually found this kit alright for the money! I would say that it’s workable, not brilliant – but if you really need something on a budget, then this could do..
I do find the shades a bit too orange though, but if I blend them in a bit they seem to tone down!SAM_0154

Tried this yet? Did you feel the same or actually love it? Let me know!