This was my first stop, when I carried on travelling from Auckland – I was a bit nervous to get back on the bus, but it was completely fine! Hot Water Bech was really pretty, it is in a really small area but if you go down to the beach and dig holes in-between certain rocks, the water comes out BOILING HOT! This is because of the Geo-thermals, not that I know TOO MUCH about this, but the heat and water is coming from deeper inside the earths surface, causing it to be very hot! (Something along those lines, anyway!)
(These first few photos are from Cathedral Cove, which was on the way to Hot Water Beach).DSC02937
DSC02918 DSC02861 DSC02879
Anyway, I thought that we’d looked really weird digging a little hole on the beach, but when we got there, it turns out that so many people, especially families were down there – not just digging small holes, but pools to bathe in! It was crazy, but such a great idea!
I’ll just post the photos here, as there’s not too much that I can say now! Yes, my memory is very bad, especially when I’m trying to backtrack my travels! Apologies!