I have only gone and grabbed myself a travel pillow for the plane. I put quite a bit of research into travel pillows, as I can never sleep on planes and if I use a standard travel pillow, my neck hurts a lot after a while or it deflates whilst I’m sleeping!
So, I have grabbed one of these Cabeau Evolution Pillows! It is full of memory foam, and has two tiers, so it will support you higher up the neck (which is what I need!). This feels so comfortable when I tried it out when I first got it – I will let you know how I feel about it after a 19 hour flight!

Usually I’m not a fan of the chunky pillows that you can’t cram into your bag, but you can actually compress this down to at least 1/4 of the size! So it’s hopefully going to be super handy and will fit in my bag!
Also, not to mention, it has an iphone/ipod holder in the side, too – so no need to worry about dropping your phone whilst sleeping! WAHOO!