What's on my Beauty Wish List?

What’s on my Beauty Wish List this time?!

Hello again, somehow it looks like another month has flown by and I thought that I should really do a ‘Beauty Wish List’ as I am constantly skint being a university student all over again and it’s a good opportunity as I haven’t had the money to just go out and purchase these! Some good can come out of it, I guess..

Let’s just get stuck right in, shall we?
MAC Prep + Prime Fix+
Number one is going to be MAC’s Prep + Prime Fix+ which is ‘A lightweight water mist that gently soothes and refreshes skin and finishes makeup.’ I have heard that this is very multifunctional and a really great all round product! Some people use it to get a dewy look after applying make up, to refreshen and moisturise the skin, to help make up cling on to the skin to last all day and finally, to enhance eyeshadow pay off (the main reason that I really want to try it!). There are plenty more uses for this product that you can find on many blogs and YouTube videos!

Here are a few that I found very helpful:

Musings of a Make Up Junkie – The many uses of Mac Fix+ Spray

Natalie Loves Beauty – Is it worth the hype?

Laura Taylor’s YouTube Review

Luministas – Make Up Tips: Eyeshadow Base & MAC Fix +

Too Faced Peach Palette
Next up is the Too Faced Peach Palette – yup, that’s right you have most probably seen this palette absolutely everywhere on Social Media from instagram, to snapchat, to blogs, to twitter.. EVERYWHERE!
Obviously there is a reason for this as it is so god damn beautiful to look at and accordingly, it smells like peaches too!
In my spare time, mainly when I am skint I enjoy doing surveys to get vouchers and I always redeem mine at Debenhams so I am definitely saving up for this bad boy!
You can get this from the Debenhams website for £39.00

Here are a few incredible instagram photos of this palette in all it’s glory:

from littlespooks.beauty
Such a gorgeous look from sierrajayne_


Lush Bathbombs
This is always on my wish list, mainly because:
I do. not. have. a. bathtub.
I know, it is a very sad time.. A bath would make such a difference to my stress levels recently and I am just too excited to move into a new apartment in the summer with my boyfriend (where we have made an agreement – the apartment needs a bathtub).


The Library Of Fragrance
I have spotted these in Boots quite a few times (in the smaller express store) so I have only smelt a handful of scents but I am completely in love with them already! I have been eyeing up the Mint Choc Chip Ice Cream scent, until I went on their website and saw all of the other most incredible scents ever! (Apart from Play-Doh, I don’t think I will be too fond on that one to be honest haha)..
Go check out all of their scents here – I currently have £20 of Boots points on my card, so I might make a cheeky purchase tomorrow with them! These are usually £15, but a few select fragrances are £9.99 on their main website.


ColourPOP Lipstick

My last love is ColourPOP’s Lippie Stix which I have never tried. I saw one of Zoella’s YouTube videos  (I believe it was her Make Up Collection) where she mentions how incredible these products are and that they are super affordable!
I definitely want to give these a try, the only thing really stopping me is the delivery as it has to be International. Although I am sure there is probably somewhere else I can purchase them from in the UK..
Here is the ColourPOP website, incase you want to have a good look! The Lippie Stix are a whopping $5 each, which is incredible!

Hope you enjoyed my Beauty Wish List – I love to get new inspiration for products that I will love, so feel free to comment below what you are loving or are lusting for!


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  1. Aaaah Zoe you have made me desperately want the Too Faced palette even more now – I have spent the last 3 hours telling myself I cannot possibly afford it… Do I dare? x

    1. Hahaha do it! I have heard good things, although I did read a bad review the other day – so maybe I’ll look into it more!
      Hmm.. I’m not usually buying palettes, I literally have my Three mini MAC ones that I made and my naked 3 Palette and that’s it but I’m so convinced with this one 😀 xx

      1. I was also looking at the ABH modern renaissance, it’s just so tough. I don’t own any nice palettes so I’m basically just thinking like it’s fine I can treat myself to one BUT WHICH ONE hahahaha xxxxx

        1. Oh my, that one looks incredible too! I’m hoping that I just want the peachy tones and I’ll stop at that (maybe..)

          Exactly! That’s what I feel like, it’s a treat for myself as I only own the one main palette 😀 xx

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