The time has finally come! Ernest Cline’s latest book ‘Armada’ has been released, and obviously I jumped at the second it was on my Kindle!

As quite a lot of people know now, his first book was called Ready Player One and it was a massive hit, that it’s now being made into a film by Steven Spielberg! It was about a corrupt, dystopian world that was so bad, people lived their lives via a life simulator. They went to school on it, had jobs there but when the creator died he left his life’s earnings for the person that would complete the game and challenges he created inside this world. So, I was very, very excited for this next book!

It is not on the same lines as the previous book, but it still has some similar mannerisms such as using references to popular video games and sci-fi films from the 80s.
This book is about a boy that is in school one day, when he looks out of the window and sees an alien spaceship in the sky but it looks very, very familiar to him – like out of one of his video games that he plays very regularly. He thinks that he is going crazy, but one day it returns and actually lands to take him somewhere..
I am not going to say any more about this book, as it would ruin the storyline! But it is a great read and I almost cried at one point, too!

You can get this book from Amazon, at this link: (Hardcover £9.09, Paperback £7.99 and Kindle Edition £6.02)
I would definitely recommend this book to any nerds and sci-fi fans out there! I’m even going to leave a link to Ready Player One here too! (Paperback £6.29, Kindle Edition £5.98)

Have any of you read this yet? Did you like it as much as Ready Player One, or better?
I personally love Ready Player One a lot more, and shot straight up into my ‘Favourite Books’ list!