So, it didn’t take me long to jump straight into this book, after The Da Vinci Code!
I thought that it would take me a while to come around again after the first Dan Brown book I read, as it seemed pretty lengthy – but I felt like I have really fallen for that genre and couldn’t resist!

I really enjoyed this book! I also love that it doesn’t REALLY matter which order you read them, as they’re completely different stories – just featuring the same main character.

I found this one a lot more intriguing than The Da Vinci Code, although there were four practically identical events happening within this book.

I feel that the only downside to this book was that the main ending happened, and then you had to go back to a ‘small’ event from the beginning of the book – which seemed rather boring, compared to the massive happenings that you had just read about!

But still, I would say that I’d give this book:
4.5 out of 5.