The cockapoo life can be busy..

Being as adorable and bouncy as an extremely energetic cockapoo can be very tiring sometimes, so Coco needs to get all of the balanced nutrients that she can get! From the bouncing through the long grass at the park, to the evening strolls..

We like to make sure that she is going to get all of the nutrition that she needs, so the correct food is always priority. Recently, we have been trying out some of Hill’s™ Science Plan™ Canine Adult Light with Chicken. The bags come in 3kg and 12kg sizes, so if used alone or mixed in these can last a good amount of time.

The Science Plan Canine Adult Light are high in fibre so they keep your pet from getting hungry in between meals. It is also designed to help maintain an ideal weight for your dog. All of the portion sizes are on the back of the bag for every dog type and shows how many times they should be fed also which is really handy.

So let me give you a little background on Coco..

Coco is a chocolate brown cockapoo who is certainly full of life. Forever bouncing around trying to get you to throw her toy for her 24 hours of the day, but she can be a little fussy with her food sometimes or they do not agree with her..

Behold, we have found Hill’s™ Science Plan™ Canine Adult Light with Chicken which is most definitely going down a treat with her! Sometimes she won’t touch her food until she is ready, if she loves it she will scoff it down instantly and Hill’s has been doing the trick. She is excited for food time all over again!

Cockapoo standing amongst autumn leaves

Any extra tips? What else does Coco like?

We have found that this can also be so helpful as kibble. Whether we are training Coco on something new, or need a small treat whilst on a walk or at the park, it’s the perfect thing! Put a few biscuits inside a Kong wobbler and it will keep them busy for a few minutes (maybe one minute in Coco’s case..).

The Verdict..

From Coco, it is going to be a thumbs up, or should I say ‘paws up’. She has thoroughly been enjoying Hill’s so far and it is great to see her scoff it down. She is now always ready to start playtime ASAP, as she used to hold back for a while until she faced her bowl.

Have any of you guys tried any Hill’s products before?

I would love to know your thoughts! Leave a comment down below so I can check them out.