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The 90s Tag!

I have decided to do the 90s tag, as part of my ‘getting to know me more’ mission! The 90s was full of cringeworthy stuff, sayings and clothes – Oh dear. But there was also really good memories that came from this period too! So I will get stuck in! 1. Favourite original Disney movie. …


Big Hero 6 Review

BIG HERO 6?! – Oh my, this film blew me away! I have a huge passion for animation and this film was incredible! I have heard that it’s a good film, but usually I don’t believe the hype on some things. Yes, I was sceptical about this film at first, but as soon as it …

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Off to the Gold Coast!

I was waiting around in Sydney, trying not to spend money when I could’ve paid for a cheaper hostel elsewhere and seen a few more things. So, I decided to hop my butt to the Gold Coast before I head off to Melbourne to work temporarily! I have had a few good first days here …